Thursday, February 22, 2018

Convergence Cable Hat - Completed

Cable Convergence by Universal Yarn

Yarn: Roots & Rain Yarns, Storm DK in "Lac & Cutch"
Needles: 4.5mm circular
Ravelry: Christmas Gift Cable Convergence Hat

A couple of weeks before Christmas, my brother sent us all an email saying that we were doing a secret santa gift exchange, and that he has already drawn the names and that was that. It of course upset me for a minute, because I had already purchased gifts for my parents and siblings, but I quickly got over it and played along.

Anyhoo, the following days involved various family members canvassing each other for gift ideas "Not because I got your name, but someone else was asking" and it was very funny and actually very fun.

When I was asked what I'd like to receive, I said "All I'd want is a really yummy skein of yarn!" so on Christmas morning I was super pleased to see exactly that under the tree. 

Turns out it was my step-father who got my name, and I think my favourite part of the whole secret santa was hearing his description of entering our LYS and being completely overwhelmed with the selection. Also, he assumed that I was somehow known to the store owners, so he dropped my name but they had NO IDEA who I was. #recluseproblems

He ended up getting me a skein of DK Roots and Rain, and a super luxe pom pom. I got to work searching for a toque pattern knit in DK (trying to avoid having to do math and all) and found Cable Convergence. It fit the bill and I got to work.

The first time I made it as written, but it was much too big. So I frogged the whole thing and re-knit with 9 pattern repeats instead of 10. 

The other thing I didn't do is use smaller needles for the ribbing, and I really should have. The hat feels loose around the brim, but otherwise it's a great fit. Plus I can wear it with my hair down, or up in a ponytail, so that's a big plus.

The yarn is warm and soft, not itchy at all, and I love that pom! 

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