Sunday, December 03, 2017

Skull Archer - Completed

I made a shirt, y'all.

I took a shirtmaking class at Fabrications and I'm so glad I did, because it gave me so much confidence and now I have a real button up shirt that I actually wear to work, and I MADE IT!

The fabric is called "The Watcher" in Cobalt by @libselliott and it's super lovely! It's a quilting cotton, which means the shirt is a bit stiff, but it was really easy to sew, which was kind of the point for this particular project.

I'm also really glad that I got over my hesitation to join a class, and to actually meet other people who sew in my area. And it was so great having 3 dedicated hours every week just to sew. It's something I should really continue on my own.

 So, things I did for the first time: button band, cuffs, yokes, and Pocket Pattern Matching!! I had originally cut some pockets without matching them, and I didn't like the way it looked, so I dug deep and managed to eek out two pockets to match my shirt fronts (I had to add an extra seam in one of the pockets, but it's barely noticeable). I was really proud of myself over that. But now it's hella hard to photograph the pockets, so there ya go.

I also feel I have to point out that these pictures make me look pretty shapeless. You can blame it on the stiff fabric and generally boxy pattern, but the truth is after breastfeeding for four years straight, I have nothing left up there and no fabric in the world will help me look any different!! Also, no regrets, #breastfeedingrocks

Of course, I have no detail pictures of the cuffs and collar, so I'll have to snap a few soon. But I'm really happy with how this turned out, and really excited to take on more "intermediate" level patterns to continue to grow my skill set.

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