Thursday, September 21, 2017

Ikea Cat Print - Completed

We were looking to replace our curtains in our front room, and on a trip to Ikea I let the kids choose the ones they liked best.

They selected these cat curtains, which are way cute. Recently I put a huge desk along the wall with the front window (since we're entering HOMEWORK territory very shortly! eep) and so I didn't need full length curtains. I hemmed them and had enough fabric left over for some awesome cat print bottoms. I made a skirt for Louisa and some shorts for Nico:

The Skirt

I made this on the fly, with no pattern. For the skirt piece I used all the width I had and cut it to a length that seemed right. Unfortunately I can't remember my waistband measurements, but I think it was 3" thick and for width I cut it to her waist measurement.



Then I started adding pleats as I went, shortening the width till it measured the same as the waistband. I then used a French Seam for the sole skirt seam, and attached the waistband using this tutorial from Rosa.

Finally a quick hem and it was done.

The Shorts

I used my tried and true Made Everyday pattern for these shorts, but as Nico is getting older, it's clear that this pattern is just too small for him (it's sized for a 4-year-old). So I lengthened the top of the leg pieces by two inches and hoped for the best. It actually turned out all right, but after this project I went on a hunt for patterns and found a couple of cute ones (online and at my local VV) so I'll be posting about those as soon as I give them a try.

I basically followed the same construction method as I did for my last two pairs, and I think they really turned out. I like that the pattern sort of matched up and the kitty face is visible both at the front and back. Though in hindsight, I should have cut the legs on the fold, and only had an inseam, to keep the pattern continuous on the leg. Oh well. It's tough with such a large pattern on such a small garment, but I'm happy with the result, and in truth, Nico gets WAY more wear out of his shorts than Louisa does out of her skirt.



So there you go, two more successful makes, and I'm really loving this surge of sewing. In fact, I'm so keen that I actually signed up for a shirtmaking class at my local sewing store, and I can't wait for it to start!

But don't worry, I haven't forgotten about knitting... I've cast on a Camilla Kid for Louisa, and it is so charming and lovely, I can't even stand it. Will definitely have to make a mom version (and I think even a grandmother version if my mom has any say in the matter!!). So hopefully I'll be back with more on those projects soon...

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