Leafy Baby Blanket

I've been working steadily on a lovely project for a baby-to-be, and it's been really nice having an easy, methodical knit to come home to these days.

Life at work has been strange and stressful, but in a weird sort of under-the-surface kind of way, so I can't tackle anything head on. I generally don't have great mechanisms for coping with stress, and some knitting projects (daunting or complex ones) ADD to my stress level, which probably accounts for how this project even came to be...

I actually bought this yarn with a sweater for Nico in mind, but I COULD NOT get it to work. (The yarn is Knit Picks Swish Worsted, bought specifically because I had such success with it when I knit Louisa's Owlet) But with this sweater, I had issues from the start. I had to start it over three times do to fit issues (the first time I frogged it was because of gauge, the second was because I misread the pattern). Finally when I thought I was getting somewhere, I asked Nico to try it on once I'd gotten past the sleeves, and he didn't like it at all and already complained about how hot he was in it.

So with the announcement of a new baby in our family (a niece or nephew for us), it was an easy decision to shift the project to a blanket for baby.

The pattern is Leafy Baby Blanket by Leyla Alieva, and it is easy to follow (and memorize when I was feeling particularly bold) and soothed my weary mind when I needed it.

Currently, I'm done the knitting, and so now it just needs to soak and block to make sure the pattern is nice and crisp. I'm happy with this project, and the squishy soft yarn is sure to be lovely for baby.