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Damask by Kitman Figueroa

Yarn: Red Sock Blue Sock BFL Sock (in Summer Berry)
Needles: 6mm Circular
Ravelry:Damask in Summer Berry Ultimately I'm disappointed in this project - and it has nothing to do with the yarn or the pattern, as both are lovely. The shawl is just too small for my own personal preference. And it's too small because I tried to squeeze a full sized shawl out of one little skein of yarn. I followed the pattern for "medium" in the recommended gauge. Looking back, I should have gone up a needle size or two to add inches to the final product without necessarily using more yarn, but even so I still would have run out of yarn in the end. This goes to show that I'm not a good stasher, and that I should just stick to buying yarn when I have a particular project in mind, rather than "stocking up" during sales, etc. When I dig through my stash of random yarn, things usually don't work out... However, actually knitting this piece was great. It…