Damask in Summer Berry

So, I had this skein that I bought on sale, and it's really beautiful and merino, and I was set on making a pair of socks, but then when I finally pulled it out and started looking at patterns, I realized I didn't want it to be socks at all.
So I started digging around for pretty shawl patterns that required <425 amask="" and="" it="" nbsp="" p="" was="" yards="">
I'm VERY worried that I won't have enough yarn though... Argh, but I just keep carrying on, I'll deal with a yarn shortage when I get there.
I'm really liking the lace pattern. It's the most intricate I've done to date, but it's just small enough a garment that it's not breaking my brain.
My LYS just hosted a blocking workshop, and I really wish I'd taken it. While I get the idea of blocking, I have no idea if I actually do it right, and what kinds of techniques are involved to achieve different results. Plus, I'm hoping to get more into my local scene, instead of just posting to the internet or Instagram, so next time they offer it, I'll definitely be signing up...