Mini Tania

Earlier this summer I bought a Megan Nielsen mini wardrobe pattern pack, when I was convinced I was going to make Louisa's entire summer wardrobe. (but then we were graciously gifted some hand me downs, and with that my motivation flew out the window.)
Now, out of the three patterns, I did NOT think I'd make the Tania Culottes first. That's because I have some culotte baggage. See, being almost 37 years old means that I was THERE the last time culottes were in style. I LIVED THROUGH IT, and not only that, I saw how quickly and how hard they fell out of fashion. Culottes were seriously ridiculed back in my day, and I cringed whenever I looked at mine in the closet.
But that's the thing with MN, she actually seriously does breathe fresh air into old notions, and these Tania Culottes seemed different from the ones I knew in the 80s.
Guys, I'm so glad I got over my culotte thing. Because I seriously cannot adequately express how freaking cute these things look. And not only are they adorable, they stay put even through her daily tumbling and contortions. Perfect for toddlering!
I picked a somewhat stiff cotton from my stash (I think it's cotton. I bought this fabric a LONG time ago, but it responds REALLY well to the iron, so I'm assuming...) and I just squeaked out what I needed with the remnants I had left. This pattern does suck up a lot of fabric. The only thing that saved me was the fact that I made the shortest version in the smallest size (2-3 years).
Louisa is 2.5 years old and has a 50cm waist. Her Tanias fit her really well, and are loose enough that they'll last way through to the fall as she continues to grow. She may even get a second summer out of them if she's lucky...
In terms of time required, I finished 95% of this project in 3 hours. That's from opening the pattern envelope to completing all of the construction (save the hemming* - see below). The instructions were super clear and the schematics were spot on. Thank you MN for helping a novice like me make something so lovely in half a day!
*I did hang the skirt for a day before hemming (because it's cut a bit on the bias), but since it's so small, and the fabric fairly lightweight, there wasn't much stretching or anything, so I just hemmed it up and that was that.
I love that the fabric is stiff enough to keep some shape, and Louisa can't help but dance and shake in it, which is all the reward I need!
(seriously though, I'm totally making her entire fall/winter wardrobe this year...)