CineCittà by La Maison Rililie

Yarn: Shibui Linen in Pollen
Needles: 3.5mm circular
Ravelry: Sleepykins' CineCittà
I finally finished my beautiful linen summer top with enough summer left to enjoy it right away!!
Seriously, It took me over 5 months to complete this - but I must say that it was stalled because I was also planning our wedding! Yup, Angelo and I got married last Saturday, and even though it was an intimate affair for immediate family only, it still took up a significant amount of my time and energy leading up to the date.
But still, I managed to plug along at the top whenever I felt the urge. I actually finished the knitting about two and a half weeks ago, but it took me that long to weave in those ends. I still have to give it a soak and a light block (it's pretty much the right shape and size, so I don't need to do much to shape it, and I don't want the linen to growwwwww.....) but here are pictures because i just can't wait anymore!

Even though I've been knitting for a while, I still learn so much every time I cast on a big project. This time, it was more shaping techniques, the i-cord bind off (my new favourite!) and knitting with chain yarn.
I was really apprehensive about this yarn for the first third of the knit, but then I realized that the drape and softness would just improve over time, and I started to relax and enjoy the process.
As I mentioned a few months back, I did have to rip back a portion and add about 4" extra in length to get it to hit me at hip level. I'm 5'10" so it stands to reason that I need to add more length to most patterns. Good to know for future garments.
I styled my CineCittà the same way that Rililie did, with a neutral pencil skirt. I know that shows a total lack of imagination on my part, but in fact a big reason why I chose this pattern was because I wanted more options to wear with my skirt, so there you go...
Here are some detail shots:
I just love everything about this shirt, and I can't wait to wear it to work, or out and about, or heck, even to my cousin's wedding in a couple of months. Linen is so luxurious, I think it's totally appropriate for a casual wedding vibe!
Yay for another quality piece in my wardrobe!!