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CineCittà - Rippin' it back

I was pretty sure my CineCittà was going to be too short fairly early on in the pattern. But for some reason I carried on knitting, and even though I added 10 extra rows after the waist shaping, it still did little to cover the whole length of my torso. Then I started the increase rows for the hips, and thought I'd simply do an extra pattern repeat if I needed a bit more length. But when I tried on the shirt, it became super clear that I had a big problem: From this point in the pattern, there is only 2-3 inches left to knit.  Obviously that wouldn't work at all. And so today I sadly frogged back to the last waist decrease, and I'm planning to add another 4 inches of length at the waist before starting the hip shaping. It's a bummer for sure, but I have an extra skein of yarn, and truly, I want this thing to fit me just right. I'm just hoping the yarn won't grow too much after washing and blocking. Only time will tell if this was the right thing to do...