Kasia Skirt

Kasia Skirt
But oh this skirt... I've made this skirt TWICE. that means that I cut out all those finicky waistband pieces TWICE. that means that I struggled with that terrible (notoriously bad free burdastyle) pattern TWICE. and, truth be told, I made the skirt too big TWICE...
The first time I made it was back in 2009, and I had some body-distortion issues back then, so I made the skirt so ridiculously big that I just threw the whole thing away.
This time, I cut the pattern according to my actual measurements, and still, the end product sits just a bit too low on my hips. Whomp. Luckily it's still within 'wearable' range, and bonus, it can become my go-to for outings to the all-you-can-eat buffet! haha.
I really liked how this skirt looked from the first moment I spotted it on Burdastyle. It has a nice yoke detail, a sailor front with pockets, and really feminine touches.
My skirt finishing is rough, it's true. And I started this project without navy thread, so I just used what was already on my machine - which happened to be WHITE, so that sucks. (I bought navy thread before I did any topstitching, but you can still see the white thread in some places, as evidenced in the photo above). But I'm pleased that I managed to knock out this skirt, which is a step up in difficulty from your basic a-line.
The fabric is a mystery from my stash, but it's super soft and comfy. In fact, I originally used it to make Louisa a ring sling while I was on mat leave.
I miss you, maternity leave!!!!!!
But it's been a long time since she's tolerated being worn (in either the sling or the soft carrier) so now that I'm back at work, it's pretty symbolic to re-purpose the sling to make an office worthy skirt.
Here are some pics taken at work (in the bathroom, natch). Sorry they're so terrible.

a little close-up of the side yokes. CUUUUUuuuute!!!!
Pockets!! The best dang feature of this skirt. Seriously, how could I NOT attempt this skirt again??
If I were to attempt this thing a third time (yeah right), I'd definitely make it a faux-sailor front and put an invisible zipper at the side seam. And I'd make the waistband way simpler by just making it a two-piece thing instead of the 8 piece monstrosity of the original pattern.
Overall, though, despite the limitations of the pattern and instructions, I'm really happy to have this piece in my closet, finally, after thinking about it all these years.