The Clothes I Wear

A few months ago I Konmarie'd my closet, and I got rid of many things. I did this at a turning point in my life: I was coming to the end of my 18 month maternity leave with my second (and last) child, and I was soon returning to the workforce.
This picture was snapped today, months after my purge. I didn't touch a thing before taking the picture, which shows that it's pretty easy to keep it tidy now that there are fewer things in my closet.
Now, here's the thing: I'm really not a clothes horse. I don't have a particular look; I couldn't tell you what prompts me to wear what I wear; and I just don't have an innate sense of style. But I do love knitting... And after spending some time lurking on Ravelry, I realized that since I have no style, I could therefore adopt the style of a person who wears handmade knits. And what better time to do so than now, when I've had to abandon my nursing-tank-and-leggings uniform upon my return to work. I also really wanted to return to work with a pared down wardrobe of things that make me feel better for wearing them.
I've been at work for 4 months now, and I pretty much wear the same things every week, and that's just fine (for now). But I've got a nice list of things I'd like to make to fill out the very few gaps in my current wardrobe.
I am dying to make CinéCitta with some Shuibui linen that I bought on sale recently, but I have major startitis about it (I'm terrified of getting the gauge wrong, and I'm having doubts about the choice of yarn, and, and... Oh the agony!)
Then there's Same Same But Different, a cardigan that will replace my favourite cashmere/silk cardie that I wore lovingly for many years before I finally deemed it too hole-y to wear to work.
And speaking of cold-weather wear, it's now finally cold here in Ottawa, so I'm looking to find a nice shawl or shrug pattern in a deliciously squishy yarn to keep at the office.
Finally, I'm pretty enamoured with Coda and Tulip Tank. Maybe my linen should go towards the latter... Hmm?
So, I guess this is a loose roadmap of my makes for 2016? We'll see how far down the list I get by year's end! Ha.