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The Clothes I Wear

A few months ago I Konmarie'd my closet, and I got rid of many things. I did this at a turning point in my life: I was coming to the end of my 18 month maternity leave with my second (and last) child, and I was soon returning to the workforce. This picture was snapped today, months after my purge. I didn't touch a thing before taking the picture, which shows that it's pretty easy to keep it tidy now that there are fewer things in my closet. Now, here's the thing: I'm really not a clothes horse. I don't have a particular look; I couldn't tell you what prompts me to wear what I wear; and I just don't have an innate sense of style. But I do love knitting... And after spending some time lurking on Ravelry, I realized that since I have no style, I could therefore adopt the style of a person who wears handmade knits. And what better time to do so than now, when I've had to abandon my nursing-tank-and-leggings uniform upon my return to work. I also really …