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Damask by Kitman Figueroa

Yarn: Red Sock Blue Sock BFL Sock (in Summer Berry)
Needles: 6mm Circular
Ravelry:Damask in Summer Berry Ultimately I'm disappointed in this project - and it has nothing to do with the yarn or the pattern, as both are lovely. The shawl is just too small for my own personal preference. And it's too small because I tried to squeeze a full sized shawl out of one little skein of yarn. I followed the pattern for "medium" in the recommended gauge. Looking back, I should have gone up a needle size or two to add inches to the final product without necessarily using more yarn, but even so I still would have run out of yarn in the end. This goes to show that I'm not a good stasher, and that I should just stick to buying yarn when I have a particular project in mind, rather than "stocking up" during sales, etc. When I dig through my stash of random yarn, things usually don't work out... However, actually knitting this piece was great. It…

Damask in Summer Berry

So, I had this skein that I bought on sale, and it's really beautiful and merino, and I was set on making a pair of socks, but then when I finally pulled it out and started looking at patterns, I realized I didn't want it to be socks at all. So I started digging around for pretty shawl patterns that required <425 amask="" and="" it="" nbsp="" p="" was="" yards="">
I'm VERY worried that I won't have enough yarn though... Argh, but I just keep carrying on, I'll deal with a yarn shortage when I get there. I'm really liking the lace pattern. It's the most intricate I've done to date, but it's just small enough a garment that it's not breaking my brain. My LYS just hosted a blocking workshop, and I really wish I'd taken it. While I get the idea of blocking, I have no idea if I actually do it right, and what kinds of techniques are involved to achieve different results. P…

Mini Tania

Earlier this summer I bought a Megan Nielsen mini wardrobe pattern pack, when I was convinced I was going to make Louisa's entire summer wardrobe. (but then we were graciously gifted some hand me downs, and with that my motivation flew out the window.) Now, out of the three patterns, I did NOT think I'd make the Tania Culottes first. That's because I have some culotte baggage. See, being almost 37 years old means that I was THERE the last time culottes were in style. I LIVED THROUGH IT, and not only that, I saw how quickly and how hard they fell out of fashion. Culottes were seriously ridiculed back in my day, and I cringed whenever I looked at mine in the closet. But that's the thing with MN, she actually seriously does breathe fresh air into old notions, and these Tania Culottes seemed different from the ones I knew in the 80s. Guys, I'm so glad I got over my culotte thing. Because I seriously cannot adequately express how freaking cute these things look. And no…


CineCittà by La Maison Rililie

Yarn: Shibui Linen in Pollen
Needles: 3.5mm circular
Ravelry:Sleepykins' CineCittà I finally finished my beautiful linen summer top with enough summer left to enjoy it right away!! Seriously, It took me over 5 months to complete this - but I must say that it was stalled because I was also planning our wedding! Yup, Angelo and I got married last Saturday, and even though it was an intimate affair for immediate family only, it still took up a significant amount of my time and energy leading up to the date. But still, I managed to plug along at the top whenever I felt the urge. I actually finished the knitting about two and a half weeks ago, but it took me that long to weave in those ends. I still have to give it a soak and a light block (it's pretty much the right shape and size, so I don't need to do much to shape it, and I don't want the linen to growwwwww.....) but here are pictures because i just can't wait anymore!
Even though I'v…

Umbilical Cord Hat

Umbilical Cord Hat by Jennifer L. Jones.
Raveled here: Newborn Hat While I am making good progress on Cinecittà, I thought I'd pop in and show a couple of newborn baby hats I made several months ago. These are tiny, but they're for tiny heads, so that works out. The yarn is plain old wool, but the colour is really creamy and lovely and makes the tiny garment seem a tad more special than just a utilitarian winter hat. Anyway, I hope the recipients enjoyed the hats, even though by now they've for sure outgrown them. Sigh. I am really digging small makes these days, especially since I've been toiling away (slowly) on my shirt for the past three months...

CineCittà - Rippin' it back

I was pretty sure my CineCittà was going to be too short fairly early on in the pattern. But for some reason I carried on knitting, and even though I added 10 extra rows after the waist shaping, it still did little to cover the whole length of my torso. Then I started the increase rows for the hips, and thought I'd simply do an extra pattern repeat if I needed a bit more length. But when I tried on the shirt, it became super clear that I had a big problem: From this point in the pattern, there is only 2-3 inches left to knit.  Obviously that wouldn't work at all. And so today I sadly frogged back to the last waist decrease, and I'm planning to add another 4 inches of length at the waist before starting the hip shaping. It's a bummer for sure, but I have an extra skein of yarn, and truly, I want this thing to fit me just right. I'm just hoping the yarn won't grow too much after washing and blocking. Only time will tell if this was the right thing to do...

Kasia Skirt

Kasia Skirt But oh this skirt... I've made this skirt TWICE. that means that I cut out all those finicky waistband pieces TWICE. that means that I struggled with that terrible (notoriously bad free burdastyle) pattern TWICE. and, truth be told, I made the skirt too big TWICE... Sigh. The first time I made it was back in 2009, and I had some body-distortion issues back then, so I made the skirt so ridiculously big that I just threw the whole thing away. This time, I cut the pattern according to my actual measurements, and still, the end product sits just a bit too low on my hips. Whomp. Luckily it's still within 'wearable' range, and bonus, it can become my go-to for outings to the all-you-can-eat buffet! haha. Front Back I really liked how this skirt looked from the first moment I spotted it on Burdastyle. It has a nice yoke detail, a sailor front with pockets, and really feminine touches. My skirt finishing is rough, it's true. And I started this project without na…

Nic's Birthday Socks

Diagonal Lace Socks I completed these socks for my mom a long time ago (for her birthday in August, in fact) but I only got pictures of them on her feet today, so here they are! Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine
Needles: 2.0 mm circular
Ravelry: Nic's Birthday Socks This pattern comes from my go-to (aka ONLY) sock book: Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy Johnson. My mom's name starts with an N, and I thought the diagonal pattern, when repeated, looked like a bunch of N's! I also liked how both the pattern and the variegation of the yarn were subtle enough so that they complimented each other, rather than fight for focus.
The yarn is really lovely, and seems to be wearing well, given that my mom's had them for 6 months now and they're still holding up. I'd gladly knit up some more socks in Berroco. You'll also notice that the socks are staying up, so that's a relief! also to note that the yarn colour is more orange and not as peachy in real life. The progress …

CineCittà - Cast On

Wow, I can't believe how long it's taken me to get to this point. I purchased this yarn at the end of October, specifically with this project in mind. And then I waited and waited. I got MAJOR startitis with this one. Everything about it made me nervous. I doubted my choice of yarn, then my choice of pattern, and then my choice of needle size. Oy, I spent as much time second guessing myself as I probably will on the actual knitting. The yarn: I'd never knit with a chain ply yarn before, and I didn't know what to do with such a distinctive texture. The pattern: 12 page patterns are usually daunting, and this one also has a couple of links to tutorials added for good measure. I wasn't sure I'd be able to keep track of everything, despite people's reassurances that it has impeccable directions and is easy to follow. I must say that the German short rows made my head ache and it took me three tries to get it right. The gauge: Because of the yarn's texture,…

The Clothes I Wear

A few months ago I Konmarie'd my closet, and I got rid of many things. I did this at a turning point in my life: I was coming to the end of my 18 month maternity leave with my second (and last) child, and I was soon returning to the workforce. This picture was snapped today, months after my purge. I didn't touch a thing before taking the picture, which shows that it's pretty easy to keep it tidy now that there are fewer things in my closet. Now, here's the thing: I'm really not a clothes horse. I don't have a particular look; I couldn't tell you what prompts me to wear what I wear; and I just don't have an innate sense of style. But I do love knitting... And after spending some time lurking on Ravelry, I realized that since I have no style, I could therefore adopt the style of a person who wears handmade knits. And what better time to do so than now, when I've had to abandon my nursing-tank-and-leggings uniform upon my return to work. I also really …