Noro Socks

Yarn: Noro ... something. Lost label, reused yarn.
Needles: 4.5mm circulars
Ravelry: Comfy Cozy Noro Socks

Almost six months ago I put this photo on Instagram with the caption "I'm going to turn these never-worn arm warmers into my new favourite pair of socks."
And then I knit them two-at-a-time in some large circulars, and in a week, I had them.
They're amazing. They're so comfy, so cozy, such delicious yarn. I put them on and my feet rejoice. They are by far my favourite pair of socks. Perhaps ever.
It's all owing to the yarn, and I can't even remember what kind it is. The brand is definitely Noro, but beyond that I have no idea. Oh well. The sock pattern is the Short Row Basic Socks from Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy Johnson. I'm really glad I bought this book, and I've already made two pairs of socks from it. Both were hugely satisfying to make.
The best part about these socks is that with the heavy weight yarn and larger needles, they came together in absolutely no time at all. And now that winter is here (of sorts - we've had record warm temps this December) I'll be anxious to knit up some other quick chunky socks for warmth and comfort!
Happy Holidays everyone!