Turtletoes Afterthought Heel Socks

Yarn: Turtlepurl Yarns Striped Turtle toes (colour: Om) – 1 skein
Needles: 2.25mm circular (40″)
Ravelry: Two-at-a-time Afterthought Heel Socks
So… Here are some socks. I have mixed feelings about these socks, there were some ups and some downs in the making of them. But in the end, I have my first pair of totally wearable everyday socks, and it’s whetted my appetite for more!
Firstly, I learned a few new techniques while making these: Norwegian Cast-On; Two-at-time Magic Loop, and the afterthought heel. So that’s all good stuff. But there were some challenges!! For some reason (I’ll blame it on sleep deprivation) I just COULDN’T wrap my head around the two-at-a-time Magic Loop. I would watch Youtube videos over and over again to try to get my yarn to do what it was supposed to, and yet, it just would turn into a big twisted mess after the first row. I almost gave up on it, but then one day when Nico was at his playgroup and Louisa was napping, I sat down and banged it out. Once I had it started, it turned out to be so easy to knit two socks at a time. Also, this pattern is pretty perfect for a beginner, because the tricky part (the heel) is worked at the end, one sock at a time, with DPNs.
This project was driven by the yarn – I bought it on a whim because it was so colourful, and the idea of it was so novel: two strands of yarn are hand dyed TOGETHER to create two mini skeins that are EXACTLY the same colour, thus creating perfectly matching socks (or mittens, etc.). I only chose the pattern because I didn’t want the colour to pool in the heel and wreck the colour sequence. But in the end, the yarn ended up being a bit underwhelming and the pattern turned out to be a real winner. So there ya go!
I really like the look of the heel, and it really did the trick in terms of keeping the colour sequence intact. Also, I was able to knit the heel starting with the same purple colour, so my heel sequences correctly too. Also Also… I find grafting (Kitchener stitch) SUPER satisfying. It’s so great to see the seam disappear as you graft your ends together. Anyway, it’s a good little pattern to have in the arsenal, when you need that kind of heel.
Now for the yarn… I was REALLY excited to dig into this yarn. I loved how the skein looked and the colours were so rich and saturated.  But it didn’t knit up how I had hoped.
I guess I’m mostly disappointed that the colour sequence was messed up at the beginning of the skein. You can see at the sock cuffs that the colour blips out at the green colour, then goes back to yellow/orange/red. The colour sequence should be R-O-Y-G-B-I-V-I-B-G-Y-O-R etc… But clearly it didn’t do that. So that’s a big bummer.  But each individual colour is really vibrant and lovely – and as such it was really lovely to knit. I think I'm a little underwhelmed by my choice because Turtlepurl has so many other colourways that seem more interesting. But I'm gun shy to try again because of the bad colour sequencing... Anyway...
Of course, it’s really not sock weather in Ottawa, so it’ll be a little while before these enter the regular rotation, but it will be interesting to see how they hold up after a day’s wear, and how comfy they’ll be.
I’m pretty much enamoured with the idea of having an exclusively handknit sock drawer now, and I’m hoping to make some gains on that front before the cold weather returns.