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Basic Kids Pants (in black)

Shortly after making Nico’s wearable muslin pants, I quickly sewed up another pair, this time in black fleece. Complete with cat hair and lint… Oops! Nico doesn’t like to wear pants, and I thought maybe it’s because all he has are stiff jeans (not the easiest thing to wear for jumping, crouching, and general cavorting). I wanted to make a pair of pants that were comfy cozy and a lot more wearable for an active little kid. Uh, and good for lounging too… Dana Made It‘s pattern is great, but I did modify the width of the pant legs. I tried to make them as narrow as I could, while still giving Nico a full range of motion. I think I succeeded: Sorry for these terrible photos. Black pants on a brown couch. Yuck. But I’m really happy with these pants, and they are in heavy rotation (especially with the late winter we had and cold spring) and holding up quite well. Now that summer is sort of here, he’ll be switching to shorts, but I’m grateful for the practice and I now think I could make these…