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Little Sister

Little Sister Yarn: Bernat Cot’n’Soft (discontinued) Cotton
Needles: 4.5mm
Ravelry:Louisa’s Little Sister This project came about when I tried to find something to do with some discontinued yarn that I’d been gifted a while ago. I had one skein of each colour, so I had to find something small and receptive to colour blocking. I had thought about making stripes, but I was worried I’d run out of one colour or another, and I didn’t feel like doing a whole lot of math to figure out my yardage. Besides, I had this idea of making an ombre-esque dress that that went from dark to light, and the cutie bows were part of my original idea for it. I love turquoise and yellow together, and I think the colours here really make this dress. Little Sister is an easy no-sew pattern, and aside from a few gauge issues that had me starting over THREE times, this came together relatively quickly. Louisa wore the dress for her first birthday, and I think it’s perfectly fitting, since she actually IS a little si…