Second Baby's First Halloween

Louisa celebrated her first Halloween today, and she dressed up as an owl.
About her costume: I knew I wanted her to be an owl, but I also knew I wouldn’t be able to take on creating a big elaborate costume, either.
So, after a few internet searches I came up with the idea for this…
I knit up a kid’s version of the “Devil Hat” from Stitch’n’Bitch in some super bulky yarn from my stash. I knitted the bottom part in garter instead of seed stitch only because it’s faster to do, and I didn’t want to run out of time. I added some tassels for ears, and knit some flat circles for the eyes. The beak and pupils are cut out from felt and hand stitched.
I also knit up some quickie leg warmers using some yarn from my stash. I knit them in garter stitch too, to give them a chunkier look.
Finally, I cut out some more felt pieces for the chest, and attached them with an i-cord string around the neck. At first I had lovingly hand-basted all the pieces together so that you couldn’t see any stitches, but the moment I put it on her, she pulled and tugged at it so hard that I thought for sure she’d rip the whole thing apart. So I took it to my sewing machine and ran some thread through each feather to reinforce the whole thing and make sure it kept its shape.
As for the rest of it, the brown ruffle skirt and the faux-fur vest are from her closet, and I thought they completed the outfit rather well. No wings required.
Happy Halloween!