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Second Baby's First Halloween

Louisa celebrated her first Halloween today, and she dressed up as an owl. About her costume: I knew I wanted her to be an owl, but I also knew I wouldn’t be able to take on creating a big elaborate costume, either. So, after a few internet searches I came up with the idea for this… I knit up a kid’s version of the “Devil Hat” from Stitch’n’Bitch in some super bulky yarn from my stash. I knitted the bottom part in garter instead of seed stitch only because it’s faster to do, and I didn’t want to run out of time. I added some tassels for ears, and knit some flat circles for the eyes. The beak and pupils are cut out from felt and hand stitched. I also knit up some quickie leg warmers using some yarn from my stash. I knit them in garter stitch too, to give them a chunkier look. Finally, I cut out some more felt pieces for the chest, and attached them with an i-cord string around the neck. At first I had lovingly hand-basted all the pieces together so that you couldn’t see any stitches, …


Akoya Yarn: Fyberspates Scrumptious 4ply / sport superwash (colour 311 – Sugar Mouse)
Needles: 3.5mm dpns and circular
Ravelry:My Akoya It is a solemn occasion for me to be posting my first ever totally completed sweater that I can actually wear. It has taken me a really long time to knit this cardigan, and I’m so happy to finally have it finished and blocked, and that it is ‘good enough’ to hang in my closet amongst my store-bought clothes. I can already tell it will be a staple in my cold-weather wardrobe. It can go with office clothes, or jeans and t-shirts, and it looks good open or closed. I’m really excited to add this my closet, and it’s really inspired me to make more hand knits!! I learned a LOT knitting this sweater. The pattern was really great, clear, and had lots of stitch counts so I never felt lost. Even attaching the arms to the body was no problem. The cables + lace pattern kept things interesting, and since the yarn was so lovely to work with, I didn’t mind knitting thi…

Akoya in Blue

Gasp, can this really be… a knitting post?? Yep, I’ve had this Akoya on the needles for MONTHS, but it’s been stuffed into my yarn bowl on my bedside table gathering dust since September. My original goal was to have it near completed by the time the baby arrived. Even though I went 8 days overdue, I still didn’t even come close to making that happen! I’m actually really excited about this cardigan. I’m excited to be making a garment that I think I’ll love to wear, and I’m excited to be knitting something in a delicious yarn (I splurged on the yarn called for in the pattern: Fyberspates’ Scrumptious 4ply Sport in Cornflower) that feels so good on the hands. I know I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but it bears repeating: I will never buy acrylic again. The cardi is knit bottom up, with a lovely delicate trellis lace detail. It was fun to work on the pattern with both lace and cables, but now that my daughter is here, I’m happy to find myself in a sea of easy stockinette!! I’m not s…

The Story of Louisa’s Birth

Welcome to the world, Baby Girl!

Louisa Blanche Sarrazin

January 3, 2014 at 2:58am
7lbs 8oz
December 31, 2013 / January 1, 2014:

Angelo, Nico and I spent a very quiet NYE, making puzzles and watching CBC. We went to bed at the usual time, but as I lay in bed, I started feeling small contractions. I tracked them on my phone and noticed they were about 10-12 minutes apart and getting more intense. They lasted about 4 hours, but finally I fell asleep and woke up the next morning with no signs of labour. False labour had begun. The next day the contractions came and went throughout most of the day, with no pattern. Some were very mild, and others had me breathing through them. I also lost my mucus plug (sorry for the TMI).

January 2, 2014:

I had a scheduled appointment with my midwife. She was actually teaching a student, which was great because she was explaining everything she was doing in great detail. She said the baby’s head was quite low, and she suggested she check me and maybe do a s…