Men’s Socks for Giving Away


Men’s Socks for Giving Away
Yarn: Hemp for Knitting Hempwol #220 (35% Hemp, 65% Wool) in colours 044 and 043
Needles: 3.5mm Double Pointed Needles (Bamboo)
Ravelry: First Socks Ever
I have officially knit my first ever pair of socks. I started them on February 14, 2013 as a Valentine’s Day gift to Angelo. And now, almost exactly two months later, the socks are done and on his feet.
I have a lot to say about these socks, and while I’m generally okay with how they turned out, I wish they had been just a bit better. You know, “Handmade” instead of “Homemade”. But as a learning experience, I think it was good, and I’m eager to do another pair.
The pattern was clear and easy to follow; the socks are knit from cuff to toe, and turning the heel was described very clearly and with great photos. As usual, I download the PDF of the pattern to my phone, and was easily able to follow from there. I think as far as patterns go, this is a good beginner one, since the socks are simple (no cables or designs) and they are knit one at a time. (though I’m already looking into learning how to knit both socks at the same time – if I can wrap my head around the Magic Loop!!)
No, my troubles with these socks came from, as always, my inability to determine proper gauge. I knit the pattern exactly as written (which is based on thinner yarn knit with smaller needles), and as a result, the socks turned out a little too big. Had I just shaved down two stitches or so, I think it would have made for a snugger fit and a more polished product. Sigh.
Can blocking solve this problem? I have never blocked anything in my life, and I find the idea of blocking a bit strange. Will I be able to scrunch them down a bit to get them to fit better? Something I’ll have to look into, I guess.
Kitchener Stitch: The pattern calls for kitchener stitch to bind off the toe of the socks. I watched a couple of videos to learn the stitch, and it didn’t seem too difficult. Though I think my kitchener stitch was a bit sloppy. I find the toes to be a bit too pointy for my liking. If I were to use this pattern again, I’d bind off with 10 or 12 stitches on the needles, instead of tapering down to 8.
Which does in fact lead us to the next question: will I make MYSELF a pair of socks next? While knitting Angelo’s socks I thought I totally would, since I have a whole skein of 044 left, and I barely made a dent in the 043. But now that they’re done and off the needles, I’m tempted to use the leftover yarn on a sweater for Nico. Hmmm… Either way, the recent snowstorm here in Ottawa (yeah, on April 12) has stretched my knitting season just a bit longer, so I may get real wild and squeeze in another project before summer hits. Till then…