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Men’s Socks for Giving Away

Men’s Socks for Giving Away
Yarn: Hemp for Knitting Hempwol #220 (35% Hemp, 65% Wool) in colours 044 and 043
Needles: 3.5mm Double Pointed Needles (Bamboo)
Ravelry: First Socks Ever I have officially knit my first ever pair of socks. I started them on February 14, 2013 as a Valentine’s Day gift to Angelo. And now, almost exactly two months later, the socks are done and on his feet. I have a lot to say about these socks, and while I’m generally okay with how they turned out, I wish they had been just a bit better. You know, “Handmade” instead of “Homemade”. But as a learning experience, I think it was good, and I’m eager to do another pair. The pattern was clear and easy to follow; the socks are knit from cuff to toe, and turning the heel was described very clearly and with great photos. As usual, I download the PDF of the pattern to my phone, and was easily able to follow from there. I think as far as patterns go, this is a good beginner one, since the socks are simple (no cables or d…