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Basic Cuff Up Mittens

Basic Cuff Up Mittens
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool (Nouveau Denim)
Needles: 3.5mm double pointed needles (bamboo)
Ravelry: Baby’s Emergency Mittens This winter has been really cold, and Nico has suffered through it without adequate mittens. It’s a weird thing – all the mittens his size in retail stores are thumbless, but my 17 month old is NOT about to accept losing his new-found dexterity. When he’s outside, he’s got things to do, and he needs thumbs to do them!! I also happened to receive dpn’s for Christmas in some smaller sizes (3.5 and 3.25mm). My dpn collection is coming along nicely, and I’ve found myself using the 3.5 almost exclusively since. I used them to whip up a pair of mittens for the little guy. They are just one layer of wool, so I use them along with his thin spring mittens (which are on a string – bonus!) and together they keep him warm enough while still allowing him to hold his toys, sippy cup, baby mallet (don’t ask), etc. I made them in one afternoon, and though I …