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Knitting Needle Case

I've been growing more and more frustrated with the state of my knitting stash. All of my knitting wears (needles, yarn, notions) are tossed into a big box in complete disarray. I scored a mega load of needles and yarn a couple of years ago, but since I have no way of organizing it all, I can't even keep track of what I have. 

So I made a knitting needle case. I used this tutorial from loulabelle. It is very easy to follow, has great pictures and detailed instructions, so go over there if you’re thinking of making one for yourself. By the way, I find it completely ironic that my frustration with my knitting stash is what prompted me to sort through all of my SEWING gear! Haha, my sewing stuff is in a worse state than my knitting stuff!! I sifted through my fabric pile, and came up with some complimentary fabrics. This project took me about 2 1/2 hours to complete. Though I was simultaneously wrangling a busy 13-month old  – I’m sure that someone with basic sewing skills and wi…