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Kanoko Pants – Completed

Kanoko Pants (Harumidori Designs)
Yarn:  Loops and Threads Impeccable Worsted (Acrylic)
Needles: 4mm 16″ circular
Ravelry: I’m not even going to apologize for taking such a long time to complete these pants (over two months). It’s just the way things go now. I was always a slow knitter, but now with a kid in tow, well, my knitting rate is positively glacial.  I’m just glad I get to indulge in my hobby from time to time. And if projects are completed at the rate of one a season, well, that’s how she goes and it’s fine by me! But back to the pants… I think these pants are SO CUTE! They are knitted from the top down. These pants have actually been completely knitted for a long time, but they stayed at 95% complete for weeks, because I put off the finishing. Finally I got around to folding over the waistband, weaving in the ends, and making the i-cord drawstring. In total, all of that stuff probably took me about 1 1/2 hours. Go figu…