Baby's First Halloween

My baby went as Zdeno Chara for Halloween last night:
I had this idea before Nico was even born, and when I came across this pattern for knit skates, it convinced me to go for it.
I only started knitting this costume last weekend, and let me tell you, knitting with a newborn is TOUGH! I learned to knit while he slept in my arms; I learned to knit while standing over his crib; I learned to sing lullabies as I knit. I also went with even LESS sleep and the house is a complete shambles, but I think the end result is totally worth it.
The socks have no pattern – just knit in the round in stockinette stitch.
The jersey was adapted from the baby baseball tee pattern – I just subbed in the jersey colours and added the white detail on the shoulders (those are all separate pieces knit together with mattress stitch)
The hat was already made – all I did was add the ear straps (done last minute on Halloween night!!)
How do you know he’s Zdeno Chara (my favourite hockey player)? Well, because I knit a “33” on the back of his jersey…
Nico had a pretty good first Halloween. We were at my parents’ place, and after visiting two houses, he was already tuckered out and we headed back. We spent the rest of the night eating (mini chocolate bars for me, breastmilk for him) and watching the football game.  We also had an extensive photo shoot! (but for some reason, no photos of Nico with the jack’o’lantern – OOPS!)
And yes, I’m already thinking about his costume for next year!!!