Baby Baseball Tee

I really thought I’d be one of those ladies who spends her ENTIRE pregnancy knitting cute things for the baby. But my first trimester had me depleted of energy, and my second and third trimesters were in spring and summer – not exactly knitting season!
Baby Baseball Tee (with Mittens) from Knit 2 Together
I started this Baseball Tee months and months ago, but trying to knit through a hot summer is pretty unbearable. I would simply touch the wool and my hands would start to sweat.
I managed to finish it a few weeks ago during a cool snap, and I finally tucked in the thread-ends and sewed on the buttons today.
I am super pleased with it, and think it’s really cute. I’d love to knit the mittens that go with it, but in the meantime, the pocket is the perfect place for Meatball’s chuchette:
As far as a project, this was really enjoyable, pretty easy for a novice like myself, and if I had started it in the fall or winter, I’m sure it would only have taken me a couple of weeks to get done. The pocket is so cute, I can hardly stand it!
I can’t wait till he’s here and I can try it on him!!