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Newsboy Cap – Completed

My Newsboy Cap has been on the verge of being done for about two weeks now. I finished the hat part shortly after my last post, and then I knit the brim pretty quickly, too. What I thought would be a difficult procedure ended up being fairly straightforward. The only thing I had left to do was sew a piece of plastic into the brim to stiffen it. Well, I didn’t have any reinforcing materials on hand, and I HATE sewing my knitting (I’m SO SO bad at it!) so the hat sat on my desk, looking pathetic and forlorn. “How could you abandon me so close to the end?” it asked. I felt sorry for it, and finally took my courage in hand and pushed through to finish it. I stuffed that brim with a piece of heavy cardboard (will have to be replaced before winter or else the snow will turn it to mush) and I sewed it shut. It wasn’t pretty – I just stuck my needle in wherever it would go, trying to match up the brim edges as best I could, and that was that. Once I was done, I looked closely at my work, and…