Cabled Newsboy Cap – Progress

I had some leftover yarn in a rich turquoise colour, and I wanted to use it up on something fun, and that I’d actually wear (as oppose to the dishcloths I’ve become a bit obsessed with…).
I chose Stitch’N’Bitch Nation‘s Cabled Newsboy Cap. I had flagged this project when I first got the book (years ago) and I knew it was time to get’er done. I’ve never done cables before, but they seem pretty easy to me, so I gave it a go.
I was so excited to start on this project, so you can imagine my disappointment when I cast my stitches on my circular needle and realized my smallest length was 24″ – and this project called for a 16″ needle. Crap!
After a quick jaunt to the local big box craft store, I was ready to get crack-a-lackin’:
new wares…
Last night I completed the 1″ rim around the base of the hat:
The pattern called for 16″ (6.5mm) circular needles AND (6.5mm) double-pointed needles, which I thought was a little redundant. I just bought the dpn’s and called it a day. So after finishing the rim, I switched to the larger needles:
So far it’s going really well, though I have NO CLUE what the final size will be. My little brain has certainly not grasped the concept of gauge, or how to calculate for yarn substitutes. Sigh. In the meantime, cables are super fun, and they have lived up to all of my expectations…
Hopefully you’ll get a view of the finished product in the next couple of days.