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Doily Style Dishcloth

It had been a while since I’d picked up the needles, and I was itching to get at them, if only to prove to myself that I hadn’t forgotten how to knit. I wanted a project that straddled the fence between being too easy and boring (scarf) and too labour-intensive and confusing (sweater).  Mainly, I wanted a project that could be done in a few hours, and that could boost my knitting confidence. I found this: The pattern came from one of those “knit a project every day” calendars that my mom gave me one Christmas. I kept a bunch of patterns that seemed interesting, and this doily style dishcloth really caught my eye.  The pattern was very easy to follow, and can be found (for free!!) at . Here’s the dishcloth, just starting out: The pattern requires you to do a WHOLE BUNCH of YO’s (Yarn Over). This was pretty much knit entirely while listening to the hockey game on TV – I’m not good enough yet to knit without looking at my work… One day. Sigh. The whole thing took me …