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Spring Apron

I really wanted to spend some time with the sewing machine this weekend, but whenever I would think of that darn blouse, I’d get all depressed about it and not even want to go near the sewing room. (side note: it has sleeves now, but no cuffs… sigh.) So I thought I’d switch gears and start something that was WAY more manageable to get my sewing confidence back up.I pulled out this fabric from my stash.
I just realized this is a photo of the wrong side of the fabric. Oops!! I had bought it from the discount bin at Fabricland; the discount bin usually has all kinds of scraps and end-of-roll pieces at half price. When I had seen the fabric, I had thought it would make a great skirt, but when I brought it home, I realized just how long and narrow it was. No way would it be wide enough to make a skirt. But maybe I could squeeze an apron out of it… I had made this apron with Butterick Pattern 6567 a long time ago for a craft swap, and had been really pleased with the results. So I thought …