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Conquering The Collar

One night this week, Angelo came home and carried his bike in to the kitchen. You know he’s had a bad day when the bike comes inside the house. It means it’s giving him trouble, and he’s going to have to spend the whole evening setting 'er right. As I was doing the dishes and listening to the faint cling-clanging of tools to bike, I started to think about my current disaster in the sewing room. I asked him, “What do you do when you don’t know how to fix your bike?” There was a pause. He didn’t understand the question. I rephrased: “What DID you do when you first started riding, and didn’t know how to fix your bike?” He said that he just worked it out, tried to get it fixed to the best of his abilities. Usually, things worked out. I nodded. It made me feel bad about my shirt. I had not made any progress in a long time, mostly because I would get frustrated after five minutes and walk away. Then I remembered why I was making this shirt. I was using it for practice. I had picked a s…