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Joey Ramone Doll

My Godson’s name is Rio Ramone. So I felt that for Christmas he should have an effigy of the person he was named after… This is a pattern in the Stitch’N’Bitch Nation book. The patter was easy to read, and my mattress stitch skills greatly improved by the end of it!! My godson loved the doll, as did his parents. The rest of the family, however, thought I was cracked to make him a doll that looked like death warmed over…

Umbilical Cord Hat

On Thanksgiving weekend I took a short break from knitting my skirt, and whipped up a little something for my nephew, who is 7 months old. This is from Stitch’N’Bitch and it is very easy to make and super cute. I really winged it on the sizing, as the wool I used had lost its label long ago, and I didn’t really know my nephew's current head size. However, it turned out pretty darn cute, and the umbilical cord was just right. Baby boy liked it, though it was a little on the small side. It won’t last all winter. Oh well, I’ll just have to knit him some more goodies!! In the meantime, the skirt is inching towards completion.

Newsboy Cap – Completed

My Newsboy Cap has been on the verge of being done for about two weeks now. I finished the hat part shortly after my last post, and then I knit the brim pretty quickly, too. What I thought would be a difficult procedure ended up being fairly straightforward. The only thing I had left to do was sew a piece of plastic into the brim to stiffen it. Well, I didn’t have any reinforcing materials on hand, and I HATE sewing my knitting (I’m SO SO bad at it!) so the hat sat on my desk, looking pathetic and forlorn. “How could you abandon me so close to the end?” it asked. I felt sorry for it, and finally took my courage in hand and pushed through to finish it. I stuffed that brim with a piece of heavy cardboard (will have to be replaced before winter or else the snow will turn it to mush) and I sewed it shut. It wasn’t pretty – I just stuck my needle in wherever it would go, trying to match up the brim edges as best I could, and that was that. Once I was done, I looked closely at my work, and…

Cabled Newsboy Cap – Progress

I had some leftover yarn in a rich turquoise colour, and I wanted to use it up on something fun, and that I’d actually wear (as oppose to the dishcloths I’ve become a bit obsessed with…). I chose Stitch’N’Bitch Nation‘s Cabled Newsboy Cap. I had flagged this project when I first got the book (years ago) and I knew it was time to get’er done. I’ve never done cables before, but they seem pretty easy to me, so I gave it a go. I was so excited to start on this project, so you can imagine my disappointment when I cast my stitches on my circular needle and realized my smallest length was 24″ – and this project called for a 16″ needle. Crap! After a quick jaunt to the local big box craft store, I was ready to get crack-a-lackin’: new wares… Last night I completed the 1″ rim around the base of the hat: The pattern called for 16″ (6.5mm) circular needles AND (6.5mm) double-pointed needles, which I thought was a little redundant. I just bought the dpn’s and called it a day. So after finishing t…

Doily Style Dishcloth

It had been a while since I’d picked up the needles, and I was itching to get at them, if only to prove to myself that I hadn’t forgotten how to knit. I wanted a project that straddled the fence between being too easy and boring (scarf) and too labour-intensive and confusing (sweater).  Mainly, I wanted a project that could be done in a few hours, and that could boost my knitting confidence. I found this: The pattern came from one of those “knit a project every day” calendars that my mom gave me one Christmas. I kept a bunch of patterns that seemed interesting, and this doily style dishcloth really caught my eye.  The pattern was very easy to follow, and can be found (for free!!) at . Here’s the dishcloth, just starting out: The pattern requires you to do a WHOLE BUNCH of YO’s (Yarn Over). This was pretty much knit entirely while listening to the hockey game on TV – I’m not good enough yet to knit without looking at my work… One day. Sigh. The whole thing took me …

Spring Apron

I really wanted to spend some time with the sewing machine this weekend, but whenever I would think of that darn blouse, I’d get all depressed about it and not even want to go near the sewing room. (side note: it has sleeves now, but no cuffs… sigh.) So I thought I’d switch gears and start something that was WAY more manageable to get my sewing confidence back up.I pulled out this fabric from my stash.
I just realized this is a photo of the wrong side of the fabric. Oops!! I had bought it from the discount bin at Fabricland; the discount bin usually has all kinds of scraps and end-of-roll pieces at half price. When I had seen the fabric, I had thought it would make a great skirt, but when I brought it home, I realized just how long and narrow it was. No way would it be wide enough to make a skirt. But maybe I could squeeze an apron out of it… I had made this apron with Butterick Pattern 6567 a long time ago for a craft swap, and had been really pleased with the results. So I thought …

Conquering The Collar

One night this week, Angelo came home and carried his bike in to the kitchen. You know he’s had a bad day when the bike comes inside the house. It means it’s giving him trouble, and he’s going to have to spend the whole evening setting 'er right. As I was doing the dishes and listening to the faint cling-clanging of tools to bike, I started to think about my current disaster in the sewing room. I asked him, “What do you do when you don’t know how to fix your bike?” There was a pause. He didn’t understand the question. I rephrased: “What DID you do when you first started riding, and didn’t know how to fix your bike?” He said that he just worked it out, tried to get it fixed to the best of his abilities. Usually, things worked out. I nodded. It made me feel bad about my shirt. I had not made any progress in a long time, mostly because I would get frustrated after five minutes and walk away. Then I remembered why I was making this shirt. I was using it for practice. I had picked a s…