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Scarf Or Necklace?

Last night I pulled out an old t-shirt that I hadn’t worn in a while, and I took my scissors to ‘er.I wanted to make a t-shirt scarf/necklace like I had seen on Threadbanger and other sites. I think the originator of the project is cucumbersome and though her tutorial is no more, I was able to make my own just by looking at the pictures and reading some comments from the Instructables site.

This project was super easy, but nevertheless, it really helps to have good equipment. I just bought these scissors, and they are THE BEST. I also bought a pretty inexpensive chalk heart, and it’s made tracing and cutting SO much simpler! These two items have reduced my level of sewing-induced stress dramatically! I cut 1″ strands starting from the bottom of my t-shirt, all the way up to the armpits.
Once I was done cutting, I stretched out each individual strand and they immediately curled up on themselves. Then I cut two more lengths of t-shirt and covered the seams. I really like the way it turn…

Cycling Cap

I got inspired this evening and made a cycling cap.I watched this video from ThreadBanger. It’s a really clear tutorial, and I was able to bang this one out in about 1:15m.

I cut out the pieces using household items such as a ruler, a dessert plate, and my trusty “arch maker” that I bought for drafting class in first year university and that I’ve used less than 10 times since, I’m sure! Here it is half assembled. The pieces were too small (next time I’ll increase everything by a good 1.5″) but as this is just a prototype, I’m not too concerned.

I think what I like best about this hat is the emphasis on topstitching. I’ve never really topstitched in a big way before in any of my sewing projects, but after making this hat, I think I’ll definitely include it more often. Topstitching makes your seams look nice and crisp, and while it may be sort of a “sporty” look, I think it makes the garment more professional looking. I’m also thinking that, since all the seams are topstiched, when I m…


I've been thinking about music a lot these days. It's been pretty much on the backburner for me ever since CDs went out of style. I was slow to get a hold on downloading, and I was offended by the de-emphasis of the album. Songs became stand alone, and things like album covers, leaflets, and other tactile paraphernalia went by the wayside. It made me sad.

And so, an ode to albums... The albums of my life. The ones that mattered, that I think back on as landmarks in my checkered past.

The Beatles - Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

This is the first album I remember listening to on my own, in my walkman (which I got for my eighth birthday. It was a hunker, and didn't have a rewind). The first time I listened to "She's Leaving Home" I cried.

Oasis - Definitely Maybe

This album changed me because it made me realize that I can like popular music. I bought it for myself for my birthday in 1994, and I listened to it steadily. Songs like "Slide Away&quo…