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Top Tube Protectors

I’ve been making Top Tube Protectors for a couple of months now, experimenting with different fabrics and fasteners, and thinking about ways to modify the basic protector to incorporate things like a polo mallet, or making them reversible.

But I had an idea to make three really girly top tube protectors for the NSPIs, to give to an all girl team. I originally wanted the Tattoo Print fabric from repro depot, but alas, when I went to order it, it was sold out. I opted for a terrific checker print instead, and I think the black and white contrast super well with the bright oilcloth.

They fasten with a reversible zipper, so you can alter between strawberries and checkerboard…

These were actually extremely enjoyable to make, and I think the girls who received them liked them a lot.

I embroidered “NSPI” on them (North Side Polo Invitational). It makes them super exclusive!!
I’m working next on making felt ones, with big oversized buttons… Stay tuned!!