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Stocking Stuffer

Made this quickie for a stocking stuffer. I like it!!
the front
the back
in use

Holiday Apron

This is what I made for the Vintage Apron Swap… I used plaid taffeta, and a black chiffon with eyelet design for the trim. I’m very proud of the sewing on this one, and the taffeta looks really great and festive.
Check out my way skinny dress form. She comes from Holt Renfrew. She makes my apron look kind of like a skirt – it’s actually better on a real person, because the pockets are more in front and the bow stands out more in the back. This was a satisfying make. And the ruffles are so forgiving and add a really sweet touch to the apron.

Top Tube Protectors

I’ve been making Top Tube Protectors for a couple of months now, experimenting with different fabrics and fasteners, and thinking about ways to modify the basic protector to incorporate things like a polo mallet, or making them reversible.

But I had an idea to make three really girly top tube protectors for the NSPIs, to give to an all girl team. I originally wanted the Tattoo Print fabric from repro depot, but alas, when I went to order it, it was sold out. I opted for a terrific checker print instead, and I think the black and white contrast super well with the bright oilcloth.

They fasten with a reversible zipper, so you can alter between strawberries and checkerboard…

These were actually extremely enjoyable to make, and I think the girls who received them liked them a lot.

I embroidered “NSPI” on them (North Side Polo Invitational). It makes them super exclusive!!
I’m working next on making felt ones, with big oversized buttons… Stay tuned!!

Thank You For Being a Friend

Why is it that so many people my age watched and loved “the Golden Girls” when they were young? It’s strange that a show about golden-aged single women living together in a retirement complex in Miami would appeal to so many kids. (how did that premise even fly off the pitch table???) But I guess the pastel colour palette and the inherent safety of a sheltered retirement home appealed to our young sensibilities… Anyway, this is a quote from one of the episodes, and I think my mom will really dig it for mother’s day.


This is my first attempt at embroidery, and I must say, I LOVED making this tea towel. It was so fun, and so relaxing, and I was genuinely sad when I was done. I think I’m totally converted to embroidery. It was so much fun to do!! And the results are so immediate – you can see your piece take shape before your very eyes (and hands)…